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  • Corrugated Graphite Tape
Corrugated Graphite Tape

Corrugated Graphite Tape

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  • Corrugated Graphite
  • Product description: Corrugated Graphite Tape from China FEITE graphite tape gaskets


Corrugated graphite tape with self-adhesive coating, with corrosion inhibitor, pure corrugated graphite tape are all available on request.


As a endless gasket strip for vessels and flanges of extreme uneven, high temperature and high pressure. Used in Heat exchangers, boiler, pipes, doors, covers, etc.

Coating on both side of cammprofile gaskets.

Prime Feature:

1. Easy handling and installation to every size

2. Used as universal gasket during revisions

3. Save money and time

4. Can be with adhesive on one side.


Temperature: -240 up to +550 deg.C under oxidizing environment

-240 up to +3500 deg.C under non-oxidizing environment

PH: 0~14

Max. Pressure: 100 bar ( without wire reinforcement)

200 bar (with wire reinforcement).